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Civil Contractors in Bangalore Stairs

Types of Stairs

When talking with customers concerning stairs and railings, it's useful if we have a tendency to all use an equivalent word. There square measure many varieties of stairs that we are able to build or add railings to. the subsequent list describes a number of the additional well-liked support types:

 Straight Stairs: 

Straight stairs square measure definitely one amongst the foremost common kinds of stairs found in each residential and industrial properties.

 Advantages of straight Stairs : 

  •  Straight stairs tend to be the best to travel up and down or ascend/descend as we are saying  within the business. 
  •  They are generally the best to create but this relies allot on the amount of detail within the  style. 
  •  Straight stairs solely got to be connected at the highest and therefore the bottom (no  intermediate structure is required).
  •  They work well with minimalist designed homes attributable to their inherent simplicity. 
  •  By choosing diluent treads, open risers and skinny metal stringers, straight stairs may be  created additional clear than alternative kinds of stairs permitting less obstruction to the read  on the far side. 
  •  No landing is needed if the amount of risers square measure unbroken beneath sixteen or the  general vertical height is a smaller amount than twelve feet. 
  •  Its comparatively simple to create railings and handrails for straight stairs.
  •  Measuring for railings is easier additionally.

 Disadvantages of straight stairs : 

  •  Straight stairs spend a good quantity of linear area that has got to be planned for in your style.
  •  Some of the opposite support varieties produce a privacy barrier between the floors of your  home. Straight stairs don't supply this privacy.
  •  A support twelve feet high needs a landing to interrupt up the span. The addition of a landing  can spend allot more room and so these kinds of stairs square measure rarely employed in  residential construction. you'll see these additional of times in massive industrial buildings.

 L formed support Stairs :

The L formed support could be a variation of the straight support with a bend in some portion of the support. This bend is typically achieved by adding a landing at the bend transition purpose. The bend is commonly ninety degrees, but it doesn't got to be. If the landing is nearer to the highest or bottom of the supports the steps it's generally cited as a protracted L stair. 

 Advantages of L formed Stairs:

  • L Stairs are often a lot of visually fascinating. 
  • They provide a visible barrier between floors in order that they will add some privacy. 
  • Also L Stairs will facilitate somewhat with sound transmission between floors if the steps area  unit contained inside walls.
  • Some believe they're safer than straight stairs because the central landing reduces the amount of treads one might fall in an exceedingly given flight. 
  • The landing will offer an area to prevent and rest whereas ascending. 
  • They can be placed in an exceedingly corner of a space if this works higher for your style.

Disadvantages of L formed Stairs :

  •  L formed stairs area unit somewhat tougher to create. 
  •  A support is usually needed for the landing in an exceedingly L sort support. typically this is  often engineered into the encircling walls thus it goes unmarked. In fashionable dwellings but  it's typically fascinating to open up the area deed the support structure visible. In these cases  the structure are often visually decreased by taking advantage of the strength of steel to form  slim supporting members. Through careful engineering,it is potential to eliminate the landing  support all at once. 
  •  Handrails for these forms of stairs need a lot of ability and reaching to construct. 
  •  In climates wherever basements area unit used, stairs area unit generally stacked over one  another for economical use of area. Since basements area unit typically used for storage,  massive things are often troublesome to maneuver in and out of the basement.

 U formed Stairs : 

U formed stairs square measure essentially a pair of parallel flights of straight stairs joined by by a landing that needs a hundred and eighty degree flip within the walk line. If a 3rd flight is inserted into the center of the steps, it'd become a double L step (or quarter landing).

Advantages of U formed Stairs:

  • U formed stairs is easier to suit into Associate in Nursing plan. 
  • They offer some subject interest. 
  • The landing(s) offers a resting purpose half high the steps.

Disadvantages of U formed Stairs: 

  •  These varieties of stairs square measure a little harder to create.

Winder Stairs:

Winder steps square measure a variation of Associate in Nursing L formed stair however rather than a flat landing, they need pie formed or triangular steps at the corner transition.

Advantages of Winder Stairs:

  • The main advantage of winder stairs is that they need less area than several different varieties of stairs. They 'requite common in older homes, typically used as a secondary stairs wherever the grand stairs might are within the entry and also the winder used as a access to the room.
  • They have a lot of visual interest. Winder stairs appear to form a lot of seamless transition,visually, as they meander around corners. For this reason they need gained quality in trendy homes. Their compactness has additionally created them enticing in property home styles.

Disadvantages of Winder Stairs:

  • Winder stairs square measure somewhat tougher to navigate than L stairs.
  •  It is harder to feature a barrier to those than a number of the opposite varieties of stairs.
  •  Like L formed stairs, a middle support is often needed. 

 Spiral Stairs :

Spiral stairs square measure a typically confused with wiggly stairs. Although, each varieties of stairs follow a coiling arc (like the form of a spring), spiral stairs typically square measure created terribly compact and also the treads radiate around a middle pole.

Advantages of Spiral Stairs :

  • One of the key blessings of spiral stairs is their compactness. they're very hip on beach front decks wherever area is at a premium. they're additionally used extensively on town lofts for identical reason. 
  • Spiral steps is enticing and there square measure might variations on railings designs which might have a serious impact on the general look of the stair. 
  • Since the middle pole and landing generally give the structural support for the steps, they are doing not would like a lot of within the approach of additional support structures creating installation easier than several different varieties of stairs.

Disadvantages of Spiral Stairs:

  • Spiral stairs square measure harder to navigate than different varieties of stairs. it's for this reason that codes don't enable them to be used because the primary access to a full second floor of a home. Walk ability improves because the outside diameter gets larger thus if you've got the area, you'll need to contemplate going a little larger. we have a tendency to suggest going five feet in diameter if you'll be able to.
  •  It is troublesome to hold giant things up spiral stairs. 
  • Only one person will go up or down the steps at identical time.

Curved Stairs:

Curved stairs add class to home or business. For this reason they're nearly always settled at the entry wherever it makes the simplest 1st impression. wiggly stairs, like spiral stairs square measure coiling but, they have a tendency to get on a way larger radius and generally don't create a full circle.

Advantages of Curved  Stairs:

  • Curved staircases square measure typically terribly elegant and ancient however this sort of style will equally be tailored to up to date styles. 
  • They are comparatively straightforward to run up (if the radius is large).

Disadvantages of Curved  Stairs:

  • Curved stairs square measure out and away the foremost troublesome to create of the assorted varieties of stairs. if truth be told building wiggly steps represents a pinnacle of feat for any stair builder or storyteller. For this reason, they're the foremost expensive to create. 

 Ladders :

Since the definition of a step may be a series of steps leading from one floor to a different, we'd be delinquent if we have a tendency to failed to embody ladders. Library ladders or loft ladders have become a lot of fashionable to conserve area in smaller, property styles. 

 Advantages of Ladders :

  • The most compact thanks to get from one floor to a different. 
  • Very value effective thanks to their easy style. 
  • Can have wheels or fold up to maneuver them out of the approach once not in use or to access. 
  • Can be accustomed access shelves that might be to high too reach commonly. 

 Disadvantages of Ladders:

  • Ladders square measure the foremost troublesome to climb, particularly whereas falling. 
  • Can not be used as a primary stairs.

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