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After the erection of the foundation, consecutive stage within the construction of the House can be either of the following 2 choices. The superstructure (the walls) is erected just in case of a load bearing structure or the columns are often raised in the column-beam structure. at the same time, the staircase can be designed. the stairs is beneficial because it will function the pathway to the higher floors for carrying building materials. A staircase could be a utility construction, designed to bridge a vertical distance, for instance between 2 floors.


Earlier, the staircase was simply a utility feature during a house, however currently it's gaining importance as a central, center of attention in interiors. you'll be able to decide on curved, cantilevered, spiral or suspended, in steel, glass, timber, copper or aluminum – infinite possibilities are displayed by clever design and engineering.


Some of the various shapes of staircases square measure Straight, Stairs with landings, Curved, Arched, Spiral, Circular. once choosing the shape of the staircase, the following aspects ought to be taken into account: area accessible, Intensity of usage, type (Shape) most well-liked, Convenience and safety.


Since the staircase is used all the time to access alternative floors, the following points should be taken into consideration within the style of the way, to confirm a cushty climb.
Split staircases: it's perpetually desirable to possess a ‘Split staircase’ additionally referred to as a ‘staircase with a landing’ because it forces the climber to rest, pause for many seconds, therefore creating the climb more comfortable. A split stairs additionally uses up tokenish floor house. There square measure many various sorts of staircases-with-landings such as the Straight staircase with landing, L-shaped, double L-shaped and U-shaped staircases.You can examine it in my post Stairs with landings.

Staircase breadth: The width of every flight of the staircase ought to be 3' or 3'6". If area restricts, then you'll be able to compromise with a 2'6" wide flight.

Tread-To-Riser ratio: sometimes stairs have 10" or 11" treads (the horizontal tread on which you place your feet) and 6" or 7" risers (the vertical height between treads). it's necessary to create positive the entire of the tread and riser ought to add up to seventeen inches. this implies that because the tread gets shorter, the riser ought to get steeper for the support to feel comfortable as you climb. There are limits, of course. A riser of over 8¼ inches goes to be too steep for several individuals.

Consistent treads and risers: 

If you stumble or trip on a staircase, it's in all probability because of associate odd tread or riser that's not an equivalent size because the others. Our bodies get into a rhythm when climbing or downward, and even 0.5 an inch of difference can throw us off. therefore whereas coming up with a staircase, keep in mind the additional thickness of the flooring (that are additional later), whereas calculating the riser and tread dimensions.

Tread overhang: 

A tread overhang will keep heels from scuffing risers on the approach down and assist you find your footing on the way up.

Space between treads:
generally, the riser is omitted entirely – it’s simply empty space instead of a board. In such a stair, the stringer – supporting structure of the stair is visible. For safety, a stair that doesn’t have a riser should have a thicker tread and lesser space between treads.

Ceiling Height: 

On the way up, individuals will bump their heads if the ceiling is just too low. On the approach down, it’s exhausting to judge ceiling height, therefore people can duck if it looks too close. to prevent this, as much ceiling height as possible should be given. the space from the highest tread below a ceiling ought to be a minimum of eighty inches, or 6 feet 8 inches.


whereas planning the staircase, it's worthwhile to think of the lighting points, despite the fact that the lighting style for the home is given later, at the time of casting the roof slab. The lighting ought to be planned in such the simplest way that the stair flights are visible. If you would like lights on the length of the stairs then it should be embedded together with the stairs throughout its construction.

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