Sunday, 1 July 2018

Construction Technology

Quality in Construction

Quality in construction is defined as ‘meeting or exceeding the requirement of client/owners. In construction industry, quality is used in different every than the product industry. In the product industry, quality of some product is better than the other, but we can not say that one grade of concrete. Quality in construction is employed with conformity with which specifications are met.

Designer specifies the grade of concrete to be used and contractor has to use the in gradients of concrete such that desired grade of concrete is obtained.

  • Quality in construction is related to
  • satisfying the specification mentioned in the contract
  • completing the project time.
  • Fulfilling the owner's requirement within budget
  • Avoiding disputes claims and
  • Ensuring the faculties performs its intended purpose.

We use certain product in the construction industry such as tiles, brick. Quality of these products can be partially related with the general connotation of quality. Other aspect in quality has slightly different meaning at various stages of life cycle of product such as at design stage or   construction stage.

Safety Management

Safety is one of the vital issues in the success of the project . Safety programme ensures the worker to be mentally and physically prepared to execute a job quickly ,fearlessly and efficiently . Safety is a way of life . It must be part of every individual at every time during performance of any activity .

Working in a fearless protected environment makes the team to be more productive and efficient . Safety is an important parameter to measure a project , as cost of implementation and time of completion of the project . Although every manager , supervisor , worker accept their safety requirement , but it is by-passed by just lip service . Construction is highly accident prone industry .

In India , construction industry is labour intensive , with unskilled and untrained worker . Fatal accidents and minor accidents are very frequent . For example , it has been reported that more than two people died in the construction of dam like Bhakhara-Nangal project .

In out country , in construction work , a large number of inexperienced laborers are employed . They are unaware of the hazard during their work and generally the company hardly make an effort to explain this worker's inherent risk involved with the job . Medical check-up of the workers is not carried out before engaging them in the construction work .

Also , many accidents occur due to the use of improper tools and equiptments . Improper methods and processes are used to cut the time of execution. Such as scaffoldings are not properly made , ladders are not checked properly . Many a time poor quality of safety belts are used , which gets broken during accident .

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