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Once you have decided to construct your dream house, note the following points before you proceed Think regarding Your Budget: Begin currently to admit a lot of what proportion what quantity   you'll afford to pay and the way much building your new house is probably to value. Chances ar you may want a construction loan and a mortgage. It’s not too early to find out what size loan you qualify for. Also, knowing the approximate costs canfacilitate you modify your building plans to satisfy your budget.
Your plot & Location: Whether you ar building your place a community development or a website with sweeping ocean views, you will nearly always got to select the land before you choose floor plans or different details. You will want to investigate factors like soil condition, drainage, zoning and building codes in the region.

You should have a designer & contractor: You’ll want a team of consultants to style and construct your house. Key players will embrace a builder and a home designer or an creator. Many owners begin by choosing the builder or contractor. It is better to pick out AN creator or designer 1st. Architects and builders have to be carefully chosen. Try to get some reference from your friends and relatives. Make designer agreement with the creator regarding his fees and services.

Prepare a Plan: Based on your needs and looking out at the building rules of the native administration, prepare a preliminary plan and estimate with the facilitate of the creator. Discuss the house layout plan with your family and a few shut friends & relatives if needed. Once the plan is finalized, submit it for approval to local administration. You can also try to get approval for Biogas plant, Solar energy panels, Wind energy etc if you are going to install it. Many administration gives you subsidy for these items provided you submit the details sufficiently early. Note the following:

1. Plot Plan: Should include size and location of structures on property, including distances to lot lines, streets,        roads, and property lines.
2. Floor Plan: Include all room uses and sizes, door and window sizes and locations.
3. Specification Sheet, Footing/Foundation Plan and Cross Section Drawing: (may be self-prepared, although blueprints are preferred) Include size, type, and quality (grade) of materials, size of footings, depth, size and span of joists and rafters, ceiling heights, stair details, etc.

4. Structural drawings must be submitted with plans.

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